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Privacy PolicyHello, welcome to the AltBotV2 privacy policy.
We highly recommend reading this before executing our program.
Information we collectUpon execution of the altbot application, we collect information such as your IP address.When you use our key system, we collect information such as your IP address and HWIDData UsageWhat does altbot do with my information?
Altbot uses your information for security measures and performance.
Does altbot sell my information to other companies?
Altbot does not sell your private data to anyone (I.E, Tech Companies, Advertising Companies)
How long does altbot store my data?
We don't store data or log any type of data.
Additional Data CollectionUpon loading our website ("https://altbot.xyz") we use Google Analytics to better understand what pages are visited. You can opt-out of Google Analytics collection at this linkSection 4 - ChangesChanges To Privacy Policy
We of altbot, reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace the Privacy Policy at any time.